Manufacturing of Electrical Control & Power Panels

Control panel manufacturers produce assembled electrical control panels. Many customers want them with a UL 508A safety certification label so companies will become UL 508A certified in order to provide it.

There are ~5,000 companies with UL 508A certification. They range in size from small garage shops all the way up to divisions of large corporations so there’s a large diverse pool of safety certified companies to choose from.

Beyond safety certification knowledge and capability is what makes each control panel manufacturer different. If you’re looking for a new one consider important factors like their type and market focus.

Most electrical control panel manufacturers fall into one of five basic types. Each type has a different business focus so if you’re looking for a new one choose the right type for your business. Choose one that specializes in providing what you want and the level of service you want.

Electrical Control Panel Manufacturers

Their primary business is producing control panels. They don’t sell parts so they’re not in competition with parts distributors. They don’t install control panels so they’re not in competition with electrical contractors. They don’t provide integration services so they’re not in competition with control system integrators. They understand how these supporting businesses work, but aren’t interested in performing their functions.